Loqui argentum, audire aurum

(This post contains a fair amount of irony. And some school Latin.) Why is it that management does not implement the corrective actions in our audit reports? writes an Internal Audit VP in a post on LinkedIn. Yes, why in fact is management so dumb not to properly value and apply the words of wisdom […]

Naturally biased – Why internal auditors cannot adhere to their own Code of Ethics

Independence and Objectivity The hallmarks of the Internal Audit profession are Independence and Objectivity. Without independence and objectivity there can be no truly effective auditing, because conclusions snd expressed opinions could be unfairly biased. “Independence is the freedom from conditions that threaten the ability of the internal audit activity to carry out internal audit responsibilities […]

The limits of our language…

If you are a parent, you may be familiar with the fact that there’s a big difference between telling your kid who is climbing dangerously on a high tree: “This is very dangerous! Careful, or you will fall down and break a leg”, and saying: “Wow, you are very high up, but if you are careful and watch where you are putting your hands and feet, I trust that you are going to do great. I am here watching you and can guide you. But I know you can do it on your own.”

How can internal audit really add value?

At the end of October I attended the 21st International Turkish Internal Auditing Congress, organized by TİDE, the Turkish IIA, here in Istanbul. On the second day Paul Boyle, until very recently chairman of the IIA of Britain, gave an interesting speech with the title: „How can we market Internal Audit better to our Stakeholders […]

Integrated Assurance – Assured Integrity?

I recently attended a webinar with the promising title: “Improved Risk Management through Coordinated Assurance”. Some of the content resonated with my own thoughts and the discussions I have led with other internal audit and risk management practitioners in the course of the last ten years under different titles: convergence, combined assurance, aligned assurance. However, […]