„Hans in Luck“ – A German in Istanbul

September 12, 2017

Ne mutlu yarım Türküm diyene.

View from the Asian side of Istanbul across the Bosphorus. The rising sun makes the façades of the skyscrapers on the European side „glow“. The full moon is about to set.

The first idea for this blog came actually up one year ago. To be more exact, it was Burcu who suggested that I write a blog. I don’t recall exactly when, but we had just moved from Lindau at Lake Constance to Isanbul, and in one conversation Burcu said: “You should write a blog about your impressions and experiences as a German living here in Turkey.” As is the case frequently, it took a while to make it become real. But today I actaully start.

The final nudge was a high school friend of mine commenting on a post of mine about the recent escalation in German-Turkish relations. He asked me why I was defending Turkey in some respects. Of course I am following German press from here and see the picture Turkey it draws. And it is a very distorted picture of the reality I live in and experience here every day.

So that’s why I begin writing this blog today, in which I will share my impressions, experiences, thoughts, reflections, cooking recipes (!) etc. – curious and interesting everyday things. What I will try to achieve is to find the things we have in common,connecting Germans and Turks, where I can see similarities and parallels; but I also want to explore and explain differences between both countries and cultures; and maybe describe at one ore another point how we find a synthesis of both sides in our bi-national, bi-cultural family who after 8 years in Germany moved to live in Turkey.

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