Reading list 2019

To continue my 2018 reading list, I am adding here the books (including e-books and audiobooks), online courses, articles etc. I am reading throughout this year. I do a lot of reading (and listening while driving in Istanbul traffic) for my personal interest as well as my engagement as leader of the Working Group for Effective Ethics and Compliance in the Context of Turkish Culture at the Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society.

I am grateful for recommendations on further reading in these fields via the Comments.

Please note that I don’t bother with correct and consistent university-style formatting of literature references. For articles I give references and links as best as I have them available at the time of updating this blog.

… to be regularly updated.


  • Carlo Rovelli: The Order of Time. (Audible)


  • Francesa Gino: Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and How We Can Stick to the Plan. (Audible)
  • Nate Silver: The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail—But Some Don’t. (Audible and Kindle)
  • Judea Pearl, Dana Mackenzie: The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect. (Audible and Kindle)
  • Daniel Wagner, Dante Disparte: Global Risk Agility and Decision Making. Organizational Resilience in the Era of Man-made Risk. (Audible)
  • Douglas W. Hubbard: The Failure of Risk Management: Why it’s Broken and How to Fix It. (Kindle)
  • Douglas W. Hubbard: How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of “Intangibles” in Business. (Kindle)

Culture and Behavior

  • David Epstein: Range. Why Generalists Triumph In A Specialized World (Audible)
  • Daniel Coyle: The Culture Code. The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups. (Audible)
  • Mary C. Gentile: Giving Voice to Values. How To Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right. (Audible and Kindle)
  • Francesca Gino: Rebel Talent: Why it Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life. (Kindle)
  • Nir Eyal: Hooked: How to Build Habit-forming Products. (Kindle)
  • Denise Lee Yohn: FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies. (Audible)
  • James Clear: Atomic Habits. (Audible)
  • Y. Algan, P. Cahuc, Inherited Trust and Growth. American Economic Review 100, 2060 (Dec, 2010)
  • Ernst Fehr: “Behavioral Foundations of Corporate Culture,” 2018
  • Bekir Kul: The impact of Ethical Climate and Ethical Leadership on Ethical Codes practices. 2017.
  • Erik Eddy et. al.: The Relationship between Corporate Ethical Climate and Employee Attitudes, 2016
  • Joseph Henrich et al.: The weirdest people in the world?In: Behavioral And Brain Sciences (2010)
  • Stefano Pagliaro et al.: On the Effects of Ethical Climate(s) on Employees’ Behavior: A Social Identity Approjach; Frontiers in Psychology 2018.
  • Ghemawat, P.: Distance Still Matters. The Hard Reality of Global Expansion. Harvard Busines Review 09/2001 [Accessed: 19.03.2019]
  • Hofstede, G. (2006). What did GLOBE really measure? Researchers’ minds versus respondents’ minds. Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), 37(6), 882-896. [Accessed: 19.03.2019]
  • Seleim, Ahmed and Nontis, Nick: The relationship between culture and corruption: a cross-national study. Journal of Intellectual Capital Vol. 10 No. 1, 2009, pp. 165-184. [Accessed: 12.02.2019]
  • Turkey

    • Halub, Heather; Sauber, Allison; and Stück, James (2012) “The Turk and the Yankee: A Cross-Cultural Comparison between Turkish and American Managers,” Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences: Vol. 15 : Iss. 1 , Article 3.
      Erol Göka: Türk’ün Göçebe Ruhu. 2019
      Erol Göka: Türklerin Psikolojisi. 2019
      Nicole and Hugh Pope: Turkey Unveiled. A History of Modern Turkey. 2nd Ed. 2011.

    Contemporary Politics

    • Cliff Sims: Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House. (Audible)
    • David A. Fahrenthold. Uncovering Trump. The Truth Behind Donald Trump’s Charitable Giving. (Kindle)
    • Barış Pehlivan, Barış Terkoğlu: Metastaz. 2019

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